Climate protection for companies! Determine your ecological footprint now and offset CO2!
Answers to the questions of how to reduce one's CO2 footprint are increasingly being sought in the shoe industry. To meet the current market requirements with a specific focus on the shoe and leather industry, we have developed a suitable tool, our seminar CARBON FOOTPRINT.



The seminar deals with:

- the general starting point (ecological sustainability, 1.5°C target of the UN)

- the costs associated with CO2 for companies (e.g. through the Fuel Emissions Trading Act)

- the carbon footprint in general (and its advantages compared to a more comprehensive life cycle assessment)

- the difference between the corporate and the product carbon footprint

- carbon labels as a means of communication of calculated carbon footprints

- and concludes with a practical calculation example


  • 01/25/ - 01/26/2023
  • 05/03/ - 05/04/2023
  • 09/13/ - 09/14/2023
  • 12/13/ - 12/14/2023


€ 645.00 net per participant

including training documents, drinks and lunch


Registration at infoisc-germanycom

Please note that this course is usually held in German.


Lesen Sie hier mehr zu unserem Seminar Carbon Footprint. 

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