China Publishes Spot-check Results of Imported Products

PFI Fareast reports: In January, AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China) published spot-check data of products imported in 2017

The data shows that the quality status of imported products intended primarily for consumers does not look good. In total, 5,291 batches of consumer goods such as household appliances, textiles and clothing, shoes, hats, luggage, single-use hygiene products, and student supplies were spot-checked, and the failure rate was 28.3%. See the attached table for details.

The products which failed to meet the national mandatory quality standards were destroyed or otherwise disposed of. Supplies have been suspended from those enterprises which refused spot-checks of their products. In response to some crucial problems, the responsible government departments have planned to strengthen the follow-up and supervision of manufacturing enterprises.

According to the latest information issued by AQSIQ, six product areas will be the key supervision targets in 2018:

  1. consumer products, such as household appliances, clothing & shoes, especially for children and elderly people;
  2. food and food contact materials;
  3. e-commerce products;
  4. chemicals;
  5. electric wire and cable;
  6. overcapacity products in China, such as steel, cement.

PFI recommends that brands/manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to Chinese product standards and fully comply with these standards during the manufacturing process.

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Table: China Publishes Spot-check Results of Imported Products

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