Successful presentation of ISC Germany at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering in Frankfurt Main, Germany

In an "extraordinary speed dating format", as this unique platform of the chemical industry and its user industries describes itself, Ronny Weis presented the innovative capabilities of ISC Germany to an international audience.

The different areas like current research in biomechanics, shoe technology, integration of printed electronics, but also the innovative field of "conductive yarns and soft circuits" were presented...

With the ISC Germany as a competent partner, it is possible to integrate "printed electronics" into existing products, e.g. shoes, to increase functionality. The use of the printing method in a roll-to-roll process offers the possibility to manufacture, for example, large quantities of flat pressure sensors at low cost. Another field of application are measurements by means of sensor arrays integrated in insoles for continuous pressure analysis in shoes.
An example of this can be found in the IGF - Project 19132 N "sensor based rehabilitation shoe" on the homepage of the ISC Germany.
The 4th European Chemistry Partnering was a successful and productive meeting with about 650 participants from 27 nations. The ISC is looking forward to the 5th European Chemistry Partnering, which will take place on February 23, 2021 in Frankfurt Main, Germany.
More detailed information on the 4th European Chemistry Partnering can be found in the press release.
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