Expert lecture by Ronny Weis at the Kreativvitti in Pirmasens

From 15 to 17 November 2019 the trade fair KREATIVVITTI took place for the second time in Pirmasens. It sees itself as a showcase for an imaginative, innovative and dynamic industry.

The managing director of the ISC Germany, Mr. Ronny Weis, gave a lecture on "MEMS in motion analysis" during this event.

Weis explained in his lecture the functionality of MEMS (using the example of an acceleration sensor) up to the integration into a chip. MEMS are tiny devices (with structures that are smaller than one micrometer) that combine logic elements and micromechanical structures in one chip - they can process mechanical and electrical information.

Starting from the integration of such a chip on a printed circuit board, the use of so-called IMUs (special MEMS which can measure acceleration, rotation rate and the earth's magnetic field) in combination with other sensor techniques for motion analysis was presented.

Weis rounded off his presentation with a presentation on how the evaluation of data can be carried out using classical signal processing algorithms as well as processing using so-called AI.

An application demonstration of a MEMS system and a demonstration of the corresponding evaluation software completed the topic.


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