Let There Be Light!

Millions of women have first-hand knowledge of the problem: they rummage through the dark recesses their handbags searching for their keys, phone, purse … Precisely when they are in a hurry the search often takes much too long. Stress is pre-programmed! Fashionable XL-sized handbags, dark inner linings, and unfavourable lighting conditions further complicate the situation.

Savvy researchers at Pirmasens decided that it was high time for a remedy. At last, light will be shed in the darkness at the International Leather Goods Fair (ILM) in Offenbach when a novel handbag with interior lighting goes on show. Together with the AMANN Group we can proclaim on the Monday of the show: Let there be light…

The prototype of the handbag with interior lighting has been produced in leather by ISC. A commercially available, fashionable and spacious shopper was used for the show presentation by ISC and the AMANN Group. The inner lining of this shopper was first removed to allow introduction of the lighting system into the bag. ISC supplied the layout (conducting path, positioning, etc.) for component design and the appropriate components (electronic modules). These electronic modules can be individually customised by ISC according to customers’ wishes.

Illumination of the bag is powered by a button battery and controlled by a light sensor which switches the light on or off according to a pre-set threshold value. The bag also has a magnetic catch to ensure that it is not permanently lit when closed (when the interior is permanently dark). Further modifications are conceivable, such as a dimmer function or a permanent power-saving mode.


Inquisitive? ISC’s Managing Director Ronny Weis will be demonstrating the handbag with interior lighting personally at the International Leather Goods Fair (ILM) in Offenbach. Starting at 10:30 a.m on 2 March at the show’s Event Centre. Admission is free.

More information about the programm can be found on the ILM website.

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