PediSign: Innovative software facilitates individual shoe and insole fitting

The production of a sole individually adapted to the foot usually requires high technical and time expenditure. The experts of the biomechanical laboratory at the International Shoe Competence Center (ISC Pirmasens) have addressed this issue and developed an innovative software.

"The PediSign programme will make the work of shoe and orthopaedic technicians much easier in the future," ISC Director Ronny Weis is convinced. PediSign is an interactive CAD application that allows the user to import two- and three-dimensional foot scans in order to design an insole optimally tailored to the individual needs of the wearer. The user can choose from a variety of configurable insoles made of different materials. With just a few clicks, it is also possible to configure details such as the height of the pad or other correction mechanisms.

However, the software was not only developed for the fitting of insoles; shoe lasts can also be excellently designed according to one's own ideas. PediSign thus allows the possibility of a highly individual fitting of shoe plus insole to the foot. The intuitive operation of the programme and a fully 3D-based preview area in real time ensure the particularly user-friendly application. As PediSign is structured as a cloud service, it can be easily and quickly integrated into existing workflows and requires no prior knowledge of CAD applications. The user is able to access PediSign with almost any end device via the browser, so that the software can also be used spontaneously away from home.

Currently, the promising programme is in the beta phase. Interested parties are free to contact the ISC for further information.

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