Customized trainings for industry and trade

Our main activity is the development of customized company trainings for technicians, quality managers, buyers or sales personnel.


In order to optimally match our services to the needs of our customers, we create a detailed training concept in advance in close cooperation with the client. In this way you get exactly what you need.

As trainers, we employ our highly qualified ISC lecturers as well as external instructors, who are all experts with practical experience from various specialist areas. This extensive network allows us to make practice-oriented know-how from a variety of areas available in the courses.

Our modern production line, the ISC "learning factory", plays a particularly important role for the practical part of the training courses. In addition to training purposes, it also serves for sample production and for testing new methods. On request, the training can also take place at the customer's premises. The language of instruction is English or German.


Of course, we guarantee confidentiality when it comes to specific or patented technologies. And if you send your employees to us in Pirmasens, the all-round carefree package even includes laundry service and leisure activities.

Within the scope of these company-specific seminars, we have already trained the technicians of well-known material suppliers, technical modelers and sellers of large and globally operating shoe manufacturers as well as the buyers of high-volume shoe trading companies. We have designed complete shoe factories "from scratch" and trained management and production teams from the ground up.

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