ISC and PFI present their research activities in the AiF SME Research Network

At regular intervals, experts from the AiF SME Research Network present their research to a selected audience. This time the meeting will take the form of a digital exchange. On 23 March, studies from the field of bioanalytics and biotechnology in the medical sector will be presented, and on 25 March, contributions on materials and production technology for medical devices. The events will take place on both days from 15.00 to 17.00.

The Pirmasens institutes PFI and ISC are also showing their presence. ISC Head of Department Ronny Weis will provide interested parties with insights into the multi-layered research activities in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation technology. As part of its increased commitment to the medical technology sector, the PFI has been a member of the AiF Medical Technology Research Alliance (FAM) since the end of last year. This makes the PFI the eleventh member of this alliance, which was founded in November 2018. The German Federation of Industrial Research Associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. (AiF) is the industry-supported network for the promotion of research, transfer and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. 11 research associations have joined forces to form the AiF Medical Technology Research Alliance (FAM) in order to pool their synergies at the interface between science and a noteworthy breadth of industrial sectors for the development of forward-looking medical technology solutions.

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